What would you be willing to give up to save the world?



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    Intersting question. I’d give up almost anything (except the Love of my dearest, Stephanie)… the real question is will humans be willing to give up our dependence on fossil fuels (more power), and consumer product-driven life-styles, that are now beginning to take their toll on the planet?

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    My life. I watched a lot of heroic movies and cartoons growing up though. It seems like the thing to do ^^ Besides lots of people who are willing to sacrifice themselves come back later somehow. Okay, Hollywood has polluted my mind 😀

    Food for thought: what wouldn’t you give up?


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    There are thousands of things I would be willing to give up to save the planet.  I do not think that people realize how dependant they are on things that they do not really need.  Obviously I would need the basic necessities, but other than that I would definitely be willing to live on the bare minimum in order to help the environment.

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    I would be willing to a give up a car, especially for short trips. I try to walk now and we have taken trains whenever possible for long trips.

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    I also would be willing to give up my car, I’ve not had one before for a 2 year span and hardly missed it. I would also give up cigarettes, a big vice for me.

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