What would the world be like if we didn’t have any lizards?



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    That question could warrant an entire book worth of answers. For starters, if they were suddenly plucked out of their environments, the whole biome would crumble. A biome is the community (including plants, animals, and the ecological state of things). Lizards eat bugs, birds eat lizards, bigger birds eat the smaller birds…and so on and so on. This would affect the world as we know it to be, since the birds would die, the things that eat the birds would die, and the biome would die out entirely. Not to mention that dinosaurs were the original lizards, and since many creatures from that era evolved the the animals they are today, the whole world would be a vastly different place without lizards.

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    Let me flesh this out a bit further. Lizards are usually mid-sized-to-small sized predators in a given ecosystem, and they pull double-duty as important checks on small lifeforms and as prey for top predators. In some cases, they are top predators or herbivores. If you removed the Komodo dragon from its island habitat, for example, then you could expect deer and other prey item populations to grow out of control, much like white-tailed deer have in the New England after the removal of the wolf. Also, just to point out, dinosaurs and lizards are not directly related in the way clar7489 implied. True reptiles branched off from dinosaurs before that, and there is debate these days about whether dinosaurs can even rightfully be called reptiles. The modern descendants of dinosaurs are (according to current prevailing theory) the birds.

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