What would overfishing of whales do to the worlds ecosystems?



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    It would throgh off the ballance of Krill causing them to become overpopulated and destroying other parts of the ocean and would go on in a chain reaction from there.

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    While I don’t have time to read this book, “Whales, Whaling, and Ocean Ecosystems” published by the University of California Press, it seems to have the answers you are looking for!  The first link below has a review of the book by earthdive.com.  It appears that the answer you’re looking for requires an entire book’s worth of words.  I’ll give it a shot, though.

    Whales, like any other organism in an ecosystem, contribute to the overall function and balance of the ecosystem.  While the previous answer touches on this, there are many more ways that whales affect our oceans that simply eating krill.  Ecosystem modeling requires a whole lot of mathematical work, and can never really be accurate.  However, I found one published paper that addresses “Ecosystem Change and the Decline of Marine Mammals… [and] the Ecosystem Shift and Commercial Whaling Hypotheses” (see link #2 below).  The study looked at the ecosystem in the Bering Sea from many angles, but overall, it noted that the interactions of species (such as whales and their prey) are not the only things we should study in order to answer questions about ocean ecosystems.  Changes water temperatures, or changing ocean currents could have just as much of an impact on an ecosystem as over-fishing of a species such as whales.


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