what would our lives be like if we did not have things like gasoline

what would our lives be like if we did not have things like gasoline



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    Well, we wouldn’t be driving cars for one. I imagine it’d be like the wild west, where people either walked, or they used a horse and buggy to get around. We probably wouldn’t have things like bicycles, or any other invention that needed a lot of power to make, unless we still had electricity. Even then, we’d have some difficulty in making things that are as clean cut as we’re used to. We’d have to either grow our own food and butcher our own animals, or have a deal with someone who does, because we couldn’t get food from far away; it’d all have to be locally grown, so that it would be fresh and edible. I think that once we got used to it, it wouldn’t be such a big deal, but… it’d be very different from the comfortable lives we lead now.

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    I believe the Industrial Revolution would have taken much longer, and our technology would not be up to par with what it is now.  However, we would have a much cleaner environment.  It’s sort of a give and take.  If we didn’t have gasoline we might all be stuck living like we’re from “Little House on the Prairie”.  However, with the technology we do have now, if we were to lose gasoline I think we would be able to find a way to maintain a somewhat similar lifestyle to what we have now due to alternative energy sources.

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