what would our lives be like if we did not have things like gasoline



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    Our lives would be much different indeed. It would be much cleaner and I believe our health would be much better. We would be able to live longer without this much pollution. However, I don’t think we could have gotten this far and progressed as much without gasoline. It has allowed humans to do unthinkable things, good and bad. Nevertheless, it is time to change, we must move on from gasoline and do it soon. 

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    Our lives would be different. If gasoline was not invented, we may walk and bike more, which would be better for the environment. People may use magnetic or electric trains to move about. Alternatively, perhaps people would travel much less. They would not be able to fly to another country and would not be able to jump in the car and go on a vacation.

    However, on the flip side, we may continue to use natural resources, like coal, in very large amounts. Ships and old trains were fed coal to keep them running. This would lead to even more mining and destruction of the local environment. Eventually we would run out a coal.

    Life would definitely be different. If people had chosen the “green” route of walking and biking, the environment may be in better shape now than what it is.

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