What would our diet be like and how many people would starve if the US were forced to try to feed itself without outside sources?

Let’s say the world economic and political systems collapse for an extended period time, perhaps due to some global disaster, and the US were forced to try to feed itself. We’d pretty much have to say goodbye to bananas, right? Would half our population starve to death? And how much would it help if everyone tried to quickly plant fruit and vegetable gardens in their back yards?



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    Our diet would hopefully be better, but not necessarily. Much of the food we eat in the U.S. is already produced in the U.S. The problem is its produced in a few massive factory farms throughout the country. It probably wouldn’t be too difficult for the U.S. to feed itself. Sure, bananas aren’t necessarily grown in the U.S. But the state of California is the world’s fifth largest agricultural provider. The fruit, nuts, and dairy produced in California could feed vast amounts of people. Farming is feasible throughout the U.S., and much of American food is produced within America. But yes, it would be nice if people ate food that grew just down the street. It would help loads! You hit the nail on the head.

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    Since the majority of Americans lack agricultural skills, I think the farming industry in the U.S. will take off and farmers will be high-paid and in demand. This would be very beneficial to the agricultural sector (which is slowly dying).

    Many, many changes would occur if America had no outside sources for food. Would we starve to death? I don’t think so. Since the majority of Americans consume more food than is required to survive anyways, perhaps they will start learning to eat the bare minimums. The diets of Americans would most likely be healthier and richer since they’d mostly only consume local foods.

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    The United States is a huge country with a lot of high-quality farmland. Part of the reason the States are (or were, depending on how you look at it) so wealthy is due to the huge amount of food we export overseas.  So  no, there is little danger we’d starve to death, provided we focused more on giving food to our own citizens instead of exporting it. 

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