What would make a candy company eco friendly?



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    A candy company could take a few different approaches to being eco-friendly.  It could reduce the amount of fuel required in transportation, by selling locally and buying local ingredients like Seattle’s Goat Milk Candy Company does.   It could used biodegradable packaging or packaging made from recycled products or even better develop some kind of program where customers return the exterior packages (like boxes or plastic containers) to the company so that they can be reused.  This would be similar to the bottle reuse programs that soda and beer companies have throughout Chile, Japan, South Korea, and probably other countries as well, though those are the only three I know of from personal experience.  

    One more thing a candy company could do is utilize their energy in the most efficient way possible.  Sean Casten sells waste energy recycling systems which are basically tubes of water placed over the steam funnels of production plants (Since candy making involves a great deal of heat, a candy factory would probably have these).  The excess heat that comes out of the funnels heats the water and produces steam which then turns a turbine to generate electricity for the plant.   

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