What would having a diet high in protein do to help you lose weight?



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    The answer to this question lies in what you wouldn’t be eating if your diet were high in protein.  Think about the Atkins Diet: people were ordering hamburgers (a source of protein) without the bun, because the bun — grain products are full of carbohydrates — was deemed to be full of unnecessary calories.  So, if you are concentrating only on protein and supressing your hunger that way, you would probably be consuming fewer calories.

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    Researchers suggest that diets with high protein allow people to better control their calorie intake.  Additionally, diets high in protein supposedly reduce blood fats and maintain lean tissue.  Experts advise an intake of around 120g of protein per day in order to maximize the potential weight loss benefit.

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    Another reason is that protein seems to satisfy hunger longer in most people and does not deplete energy they way some other diets may.  Probably a healthier diet would be to eat more things in moderation and work out more rather than focusing on one food type over another.

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