What would happen if the world didn’t spin as fast as it is now?



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    I’m assuming you’re referring to Earth’s rotation around its axis. That has actually been much faster in the past and is continuously and gradually slowing down (due to tides, winds, space dust and solar wind, geomagnetic storms and other forces). For one, Earth used to be a more oblate spheroid (appearing more “squished” between the poles), and its shape is changing towards a more perfectly round shape (which is favored by gravity). That means that area around the equator is shrinking while area near poles grows, together with the corresponding climate zones. This shape change would also contribute to the tectonic shift effect.

    The lower centrifugal force due to slower rotation would also result in slightly higher weight (of a person and any other object). Add to that an even slighter variation where, depending on latitude, weight would increase or decrease as Earth’s shape changes and the surface ends up at different distances from the center of the planet.

    Magnetic fields that are generated mainly by the rotation would become weaker, offering lower protection from cosmic radiation.


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