What would happen if wolves were removed from the endangered species list in the US?



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    There is overwhelming evidence that suggests that if wolves were removed from the endangered species list, many states would spearhead widespread extermination projects.

    A prime example of this is Idaho.  In May, wolves were stripped of endangered status in Idaho.  Many appeals were filed by environmental groups, but none were successful.

    Idaho legislators rushed the law changes through in order to try and implement a wolf-hunting plan that used airplanes to kill wolves specifically during pup season.  Linked is an article from an Idaho paper about more wolf-killing iniatives in Idaho.

    At one point, there were less than five hundred wolves in the United States, all in Minnesota.  By the time poisoning was legally outlawed in the United States in 1970, gray wolves occupied less than 4 percent of their former range.  Its southeast counterpart, the red wolf, was already extinct in the wild.  This was the result of a wolf-killing campaign that had begun in 1630 when colonists were offered a penny per dead wolf.  In 1915, the U.S. government furthered the program by encouraging citizens to shoot wolves with rifles from both the ground and air, to trap wolves in legtraps, and to poison wolves with thallium, strychnine, cyanide and other poisons.  Unfortunately, this pattern keeps repeating.  As soon as we bring wolves back, we kill them off again, as Idaho has helped to demonstrate.  There are a lot of reasons for this, mostly rooted in humanity’s inherent fear of predators, especially wolves.  I have a lot to say on this subject and could go on forever! I spent a year researching this.

    If you’re interested in antiwolf legislation specifically, I suggest checking out this article: 

    Lynn, William S. “Discourse and Wolves: Science, Society, and Ethics.” Society & Animals 18.1 (2010): 75-92. 14 Apr. 2011.

    I can provide further sources upon request.

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