What would happen if we no longer had a gas tax?



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    Well, a whole lot would happen. When gas taxes were first instituted they were actually just to help the government pay off a deficit, and that tax was only 1 cent per gallon. As time went on, taxes increased as support for the American Highway Fund grew. A lot of taxes went directly to increasing our nation’s infrastructure. As for right now…. we’re mostly back to the original use for the gas tax. While some money does go toward highways, the government primarily uses it to fund other things, or pay off debts.

    If this tax revenue disappeared, the government would no doubt increase taxes in other areas in order to try and recoup some of those losses. Gas would be cheaper, but income tax, sales tax, and various other types of taxes and governmental fees would probably increase. Toll roads would probably be more prevalent. This is all speculation, but you can be sure that the government would try to make their money by taking it from citizens other ways.

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