What would happen if the ozone layer vanished?



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    The ozone layer acts as a main protection from the ultraviolet radiation coming from the Sun; it’s just like a shield to protect the earth. If ultraviolet radiation can get through to earth without any reduction from the ozone layer, then lives on earth will meet a certain disaster. For one thing, ultraviolet radiation is not very good. If it gets to our skin, our skin will be vulnerable to skin cancer as well as other untreatable diseases.

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    The Ozone layer helps filter harmful UV radiation from the sun and prevents much of it from reaching earth. This radiation causes cancers and genetic damage to living organisms. If the ozone layer completely vanished, we would probably see a drastic rise in cancers, and it would also be very easy to us to sunburn. If the ozone layer had never been present, it probably would have been impossible for early life to form at all.

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    If the ozone layer disappeared, life on earth would suffer severe negative consequences. With no protection from the sun’s harmful UV radiation incidence of skin cancer would increase dramatically, and non-cancerous skin damage (sun burn) would also occur more frequently and more severely. Simply going outside would become a daunting task. Eventually, life on earth would adapt to this condition through evolution, but in the meantime life would be very difficult.

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    If the ozone layer vanished then our eyes will become infected easily from the sun and it is very possible for us to even become blind

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