What would happen if forests disappeared?



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    The disappearance of forests gives rise to many disasters.There will be lack of oxygen because plants are sole producers of oxygen,this may lead to global surfocation.Plants also absorb carbon dioxide which is a greenhouse gas.This means that glabal temperatures will rise and hence global warming.

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    If all the forests in the world disappeared, pretty much life on this planet would be dead in the water, so to speak. Humans and animals alike depend upon the forests for food, shelter, resources, and part of our supply of oxygen. The larger forests (rain forests and wild conifers) in the world absorb most of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and transform it into oxygen for us to breath, and we need to breathe to live. Other plants and algae do convert small bits of CO2 into oxygen, but not enough that eventually we all wouldn’t asphyxiate to death. Also, all the carbon build up in the atmosphere would make it way too hot for life to sustain  itself.

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