What would happen if the earth’s ozone layer was destroyed?



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    The ozone layer shields the earth from the harmful effects of UV radiation.  Without the ozone layer people and animals would be at risk of skin cancer.  Ozone is created by the earths magnetic field. The hole in the ozone layer is expected to recover in the next few decades because CFC have been banned.

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    I’ve attached a page that has a PDF available that can some really good information about the ozone layer, its importance, and the danger that it is in. There are gaps in the ozone layer all over the world, and while some of the smaller ones are in recovery, the gaping hole over the arctic is still there, and it would take at least 20-70 years for the ozone to return to pre-1960 levels, that is, before the widespread use of CFCs, a huge contributing factor in ozone depletion. The ozone layer not only protects humans, but all of the other life on earth. It protects us from excessive UV radiation, which would otherwise damage plants, aquatic ecosystems, and single celled organisms.

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