What would happen if all the animals were to disappear from the earth?



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    Presumably plants would take over. Some plants, ones pollinated by insects or birds, would die out, but plants that pollinate by wind would be OK, presumably. Fruit bearing plants, which depend on animals eating them to spread their seeds, would also be in trouble. It’s kind of hard to say what the planet would be like if all animal life was obliterated suddenly. For a text on what the world would be like if all human life was obliterated, consider Alan Weisman’s “The World Without Us”

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    If all animals (insects, mammals, reptiles, birds, fish) died off, life on earth would falter, and possible all die off.  The earth would be overrun with bacteria, mold, fungus, algae, etc…  Some trees would live on for a time, however if most of our photosynthesizing plants and ocean borne plankton disappeared, oxygen would not be produced at anywhere near the rate it is now, and we would see a shift in the balance of life to extremophiles (bacteria, and other organisms that exist in the world’s most extreme conditions, typically without oxygen).  Pretty impossible to predict the actual events that would take place, but there would be weather pattern shift, hotter temperatures, different element production, and life thriving in a very different way than we could predict.

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    I would be very hungry! Taking all of the animals off the planet would have a very negative effect I think. We have seen examples of species leaving or being introduced to an environment, and those have usually had bad results. Multiply that by a million, and its hard to see things going too well. 

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