What would happen to the human population if there was no more disease?



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    If there was no more disease, the human population would probably increase even more dramatically than it already is.  Although it certainly has some ugly and unpleasant effects, disease can be considered an essential defense mechanism of ecosystems, which prevent any one species from overpopulating.  Presently, infectious diseases are considered the second leading cause of deaths worldwide, causing more than 16% of all deaths.  Imagine how much larger the population would be if those people hadn’t died. 

    That said, simply letting infectious diseases run rampant is certainly not an effective or desireable means of population control.  As a matter of fact, population growth seems to have a much more significant effect on infectious diseases than infectious diseases do on population growth (since diseases are more likely to spread through more densely populated areas).  Thus, reigning in population growth ought to be viewed as a means by which infectious diseases may be curtailed.

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    The human population would explode at an even greater rate. Disease is an unfortunate component to what keeps things in check. Without the threat of illness, millions of people would live every year that would otherwise have died. Many of these people would be capable of producing offspring in the time they would have otherwise lost to death from disease. It would also send the economy further spiraling downward because the pharmaceutical industry would all of a sudden be worthless. And they own a few things.

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