what would happen to an elephant if it lost its trunk or was born without one



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    The elephant’s trunk is an interesting appendage, and it would not be incorrect to say a trunkless elephant would be at a very large disadvantage. To an elephant, the trunk fufills the purposes of a nose, a prehensile tail, and a fist, which means that a trunkless elephant would not only be unable to smell, it would suffer disadvantages when it tired to defend itself against other elephants (as the trunk can be used to punch other elephants in vulnerable spots, like the eye) and when eating, because the trunk can be used to help food reach the mouth.

    I hope this helped!

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    I don’t know that there’s ever been an elephant born without a trunk, but one without one would probably die relatively quickly. Elephants need their trunks for so many things/tasks including to eat, to drink, to steer their young, to lift items/foliage/help young, and to clear trails through forest.

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