What would a “Green Hajj” look like?



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    Each year, when more than 3 million muslims go on Hajj, as the Koran puts it, “on foot, on camel, and from every deep and mountain highway,” they leave behind a large amount of waste. Recently many environmentally conscious muslims have been making an effort to preserve the environment while they travel. This includes, respecting the local flora and fauna, taking alternative transportation, and disposing of waste responisbly. To read an article about green Hajj’s, click here”


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    A green Hajj would probably only be available to people in the Middle-East, since it would be difficult for others – American Muslims for example – to make the Hajj without using large amounts of fuel for an airplane ride or even a boat ride. Those in the mid-East would then have to make the Hajj on foot, camel, or bicycle in order to prevent the same waste of petroleum. Of course it would also be nice if the attire of those making the Hajj were made out of organic, locally made textiles.

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