What would domestic cats and dogs be like if they weren’t, well domestic?



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    They would not only be feral(wild) but there would not be near as many different breeds as there are now. Many breeds of dogs and cats were bred by people specifically to bring out diffferent traits and sometimes this takes a few generations of breeding to become reliable, this would not happen in the wild.

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    One might associate what dogs and cats would most likely be like to the behavior of their closest ancestors. The ancestors of domestic cats are the Near Eastern Wildcat which still lives today in Middle Eastern countries such as Israel and Saudi Arabia. The domestic dog is most closely related to the Grey Wolf, also from the Middle East at the time of domestication. In essence, our sweet pets would be more aggressive, more territorial, and much more shy of humans. Domestic/wild hybrid cats are often abandoned by owners that were attracted to the beauty of the cross breed due to just these factors. Even after performing controversial surgeries such as declawing and defanging their cats can cause serious problems. They’re cute when they’re kittens, but grow up to show more aggression to their adopters and start to defy litter box rules.

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