What would be some events if there was a “green” Olympics?



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    I think that bicycling would be a big one. However, instead of riding on lightweight bicycles with no load, people would be carrying a load of fruit and vegetables like they would be if they were shopping by bicycle. Plus, they would have to make periodic stops at traffic lights and negotiate with cars. Contestants would be judged on their courtesy to other drivers and their ability to follow all the rules, not necessarily how quickly they completed the course.

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    This is a fun question! How about…digging the most holes in the ground to plant seeds (or planting them as you go), bicycling, running, jumping hurdles made out of recycled/discarded items, recycled content shot put and discus…

    They could also have strongman-type competitions where people have to lift heavy items into recycling bins or build compost piles. Haha!

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    trail running, tree climbing, open water swimming, basically any sport that takes place in the outdoors and doesn’t use any special equipment like rackets or balls, etc…

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    I am definitely digging all the creative Olympic games ideas. For London 2012, one of Britain’s campaigns is “Going for Green – Britain’s 2012 Dream.” The Olympic Park is being built according to environmentally sustainable codes, including building new parklands, cleaning soil, creating new habitats for animals, recycling destroyed buildings, etc.

    I think a cool “green” event would be a strongman competition and lifting recycling bins and bringing them to the recycling center. Bicycling would also be a big one.

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