what would be the saving in my company to recycle paper in the office, hired 10 employees, as a result my demand for paper and other supplies has dramtically increased doubling my intially proposed bugetary spending. need the best solution for my company

to be compensated, a proposal for company recycling paper and other supplies..



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    While there are many reasons to recycle paper, I am not sure that it will actually save your company much money. Unfortunately, I have found that purchasing recycled paper is more expensive.

    Trying to change the office culture of how paper is used, however, could reduce your paper consumption. When purchasing new printers and copiers, get ones that can print double sided and encourage employees to do this whenever possible. Send memos in emails. If you need to have paper copies, print just one copy for a group of people that work closely together. List their names in pencil on top of the paper and have them check off their name when they have read it and pass it on to the next person on the list.

    Supplying recycle bins in convenient locations might get employees thinking about paper differently because they can see how much they accumulate.

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