What would be the problem with shooting our trash to space?



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    This would be difficult until guaranteeing that there would be no miss-launches or crashes on take off, as has too frequently occurred with space missions. If there were some sort of crash/explosion/accident, trash could be strewn across the land or ocean over which the accident occurred. Additionally, space launches are very expensive, and it is estimated that it would cost $10,000 dollars a pound.

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    The trash we shoot into space usually ends up orbiting the Earth for a while before it falls back into the atmosphere and is incinerated. Depending on its orbit radius, the trash units may orbit for a few years or centuries before falling back. The problem with the trash is the interference with our space activites, such as satellites or other space crafts. Some of the pieces of trash are quite large, some as big as trucks, and could easily damage the little machines we send up there.

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