What would be a good solution to more recycling



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    Instead of recycling products, products could be designed with reuse, bio-degradability, or upcycling in mind. Upcycling is the process of converting products at their end of useful life into new materials of higher environmental value. This is different from the common recycling which is often considered down cycling as the original product is turned into something of lesser value.  If bio-degradability is considered in a design the product can be returned back to nature as food for future environmental production. Check out cradle-to-cradle design.

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    It should be mandatory to recycle. The waste mangement companies should require customers to seperate ALL recyclable materials, or pay a fine. Allowing people to recycle whenever they want is not working, it is about time to enforce it.

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    Awareness and education would get more people on board with environmental issues.  Many people just don’t know the extent of the problems facing the world or think that global warming and other crises don’t affect them.  Some people want to recycle, but facilities simply don’t exist in their area.  Better coverage would save tons of trash from entering landfills.

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