What would be a good eco project for middle school kids?


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    You could take the kids on a field trip to a beach or forest type setting to explore nature and do a trash clean-up.

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    You could have your own compost. Teaching kids about composting also ties into biology lessons about decomposers and the life and nutrient cycles. Composts can be done outdoors and indoors, you just need to get the right materials.

    Here are some good resources:


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    Here’s a link to 7 cool projects:

    1- Egg shell plant pots
    2 – Worm bin journals
    3 – Plants and acid rain experiments
    4 – Solar-powered vehicles
    5 – Energy audits
    6 – Chemical contamination tests
    7 – Soda bottle bioreactors

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    You could create a recycling program where the kids bring in items from home and items collected at school to be recycled. The money that you get from recycling could be used to buy a tree to plant, purchase reusable lunch boxes, donate to an environmental charity, sponsor a child in need in another country, and much more.

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    Finding simple ways to reuse everday household items that would usually become trash. Have the students pick a material that they would usually toss out, and have them come up with a design or idea on how they can use the material again.

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    Bottle caps are do not get recycled, and neither do bottles with caps on it. Host a cap contest at your school, Clean Ocean Action collected over 2 million caps in a few months. Aveda recycles caps to make new containers for their products, and I heard caps can be used for dialysis.

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    For one of my science classes in middle school I had to pick a spot in nature and observe it throughout the year.  We had to write poems about it, take pictures, write journal entries, and record the changes.  Though we were not asked to do this, students could note evidence of global warming and climate change in the spot that they choose.  At the end of the year we had to put together a project showcasing the natural processes that took place throughout the year.

    Also, there is a link below that outlines a bunch of projects that are great for students in middle school.

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    Plant some flowers and have the children watch them grow! It can teach kids how to take care of something with maintaining the soil and watering it when needed. The kids can document how it grows with pictures or drawings.

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    My elementary teacher used to do this, however, I still think this would be a great idea for middle school students. What she did was start up a program in where students in her class would go to all the classrooms and pick up items to recycle such as newspapers. We also started a garden (it was pretty big) and every week we would plant or tend to the flowers or do some other cool things like creating bird feeders. Oh, we also added a small pond to the area and filled it with fish. It was really fun and I learned much from it. So I hope this is something that you would like to do or recommend.

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    In middle school, we created a wetland from scratch.  It was an amazing project that I’d recommend to anyone.

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