What would be the environmental impacts if Massey Energy were allowed to blast off the peak of Coal River Mountain?



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    If Massey Energy was to perform mountain top removal of Coal River Mountain it would not only hold all same environmental implications that come with mountain top removal mining, but it would also have huge social implications.  The Government has already documented over 4,600 cases of Massey Energy Company dumping pollution into water systems of the Appalachian Mountains illegally in concordance with the Clean Water Act. A large number of people have dedicated themselves to saving Massey from mining Coal River Mountain. A study was commissioned to in 2007 to see what the wind energy potential would be if the top of the mountain instead became a wind farm. Coal Mountains wind energy potential is around 350 MW of clean energy, enough to power 70,000 West Virginia homes. If Massey were to blast the mountain for coal, as they have applied for a permit to do so, it would pollute the local waterways hurting local West Virginians downstream of the mining sites. This is an inevitable aspect of mountain top removal. It would also show to all those who have put forth a huge effort to save the mountain that the governments real priorities lie with the energy companies agendas, not the best interest of the people or the environment. A petition can be signed at coalriverwind.org as seen below to show support of the wind project.

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