What religion would be against a climate bill if there is one?



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    I took a course on Religion in college and the greatest concept that I acquired from that class is that Religion is subjective. It is an individual experience. I would argue that any one person of any religion could be against a climate bill or for it. For example; A person might assume that God directs the course of destiny and therefore climate change is impossible. It is equally likely that this person presume that God placed us as stewards of the Earth. That we need to protect it’s fragile global ecosystem. This person might come to this conclusion from any number of religious creeds.

    Consequently, it is impossible to point the accusatory finger of blame towards any religion. Doing so would likely be considered discriminatory.

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    Greenbear is correct. Most religions imply this notion that we’re created for a purpose. No religion out there condones against any such reformation because we ourselves are created amongst a world in which we must preserve (unless you can find a religion that tells us to destroy our environment). Religions have this commonality that the god controls every aspect in which we live in, our lives and our world. Most religions go with the flow and whatever happens happens. It’s all very subjective and determining whether a religion would be against a climate policy no less is rather non-sensical.

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