What would banning blue fin tuna trade do for the species?



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    The bluefin tuna crisis is a devastating example of the global failure to sustainably manage the world’s oceans and the urgent need for a global network of marine reserves to protect ocean life. Bluefin tuna are highly endangered, with only Bluefin tuna has been brought to the brink of collapse by the repeated failure of the International Commission of the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) to follow scientific advice, make sure bluefin quotas are complied with and regulate its fishing in the Mediterranean. According to Sebastian Losada, oceans policy advisor for Greenpeace International, “Without urgent action the only place bluefin tuna will be seen is in historical documentaries about extinct species. As a first step, all governments must support the calls for protection and then move to close spawning grounds with a view to designating a network of Mediterranean marine reserves.”

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