What is the worst type of pollution for humans to breathe in?



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    Both ozone air pollution and particle pollution are harmful for humans. Ozone air pollution is found at ground level and is a primary ingredient in smog. Tailpipe and smokestack emissions are two contributors of ozone air pollution. 

    Particle air pollution is caused by a mix of harmful particles found in the air. While humans can eliminate large air particles from their lungs by sneezing or coughing, it is harder to eliminate small air particles because of their size (oftentimes are one-seventh the diameter of a single human hair). Motor vehicles and burning fossil fuels contribute to small air particles. These particles are harmful to the lungs and can sometimes even enter the blood stream. Annual exposure to particle air pollution can cause lung cancer and cardiovascular disease. In addition, children who are exposed to particle air pollution can suffer from asthma attacks and slower lung function growth. 

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