What is the worst tornado in history?



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    If you are talking about the United States than it would have to be: The Tri-State Tornado on March 18, 1925

    Missouri, Illinois and Indiana were all affected by the Tri-State tornado. The funnel first touched ground in Ellington Missouri and headed eastward through Annapolis, Leadanna, Lixville, Biehle and Frohna. As the tornado left the Ozarks, it began to pick up speed. Illinois was hit the worst and suffered high death tolls in Gorham, Murphysboro, Desoto, Parrish and West Frankfort. The tornado continued through Indiana and struck the towns of Griffin and Princeton. Finally the tornado dissipated northeast of Princeton.

    The deadliest tornado in world history ripped through Bangladesh on April 26, 1989. Thirteen hundred people died and as many as 50,000 were left homeless

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