What is the worst thing Rush Limbaugh has said about the environment?



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    Rush Limbaugh has said many things that environmentalists have found offensive. He has said that “animals have no fundamental rights, only humans do.” But the most controversial has been his claim that global warming is “a hoax” and “BS.” Limbaugh prides himself on being a global warming skeptic.

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    To elaborate on what was said above, It seems that what is so dangerous about claiming that global warming is a hoax is more the “do as I want attitude” than any scientific theory not being true.  The attitude seems to be, scientist lied so I’m going to use as much energy and shoot down any attempt to preserve our environment because I’m upset.  Regardless of global warming being true, we have one planet that is being destroyed.  At this point we can not fix the ozone, or bring back species that have gone extinct due to our negligence.

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