What is the worst thing humans have done to our planet?



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    The worst thing that humans have done to the planet is to have caused the extinction of so many animal species. There have been more than 35 extinctions of North American mammals alone since the beginning of European settlement on the continent (1500 AD).

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    Personally I think the drainage of wetlands is one of the worst human degradations of the environment. As one of the most productive places on Earth, these areas are responsible for cleaning our water supplies and protecting us from storm damage. They are also home to so many species and an important part of bird migration. In the US, some states such as California have lost over 90% of their wetlands due to drainage. 22 states have lost more than half. This is a world problem as well, as New Zealand only has 8% of its wetlands remaining.

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    The oil spill that we just had is pretty bad.The min. tonnage that was spilled by the Exxon Valdez oil spill was 32 tons. The max was 13, 643. However, nowadays the largest is the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico which is currently between 219,000 tons and 640,000 tons. This is obviously far greater than the Exxon valdez Spill and the Gulf/Kuwait oil spill. 

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