What is the worst thing for the environment that we do?



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    This has been a debate amongst many, and it seems the top two competitors are meat and dependency on fossil fuels.


    Perils of Meat:

    -Cattle Farming destroys complete environments just to make grazing room for the animals.

    -Meat is not nearly as nutritious as people are lead to believe by the meat industry. 

    -Sea animal populations can be wiped out near completion with extensive hunting of crab, lobster, and fish with disregard for the survival of those creatures.

    -Slaughterhouses that process meats by the ton are widely inefficient, using massive amounts of energy.  They also create hugely unhealthy conditions for the workers, and eventually for anyone eating processed foods.  The foods are treated with chemicals that prevent diseases and disorders that are directly a result of processed, mass productive meat manufacturing.

    -Following with that last statement, dairies and meats have high percentages of blood, excreta (fecal matter and urine), and puss.  Cows are pumped with steroids, and then forced to be milked multiple times a day.  Cows that are slaughtered are not processed cleanly enough, and their bowls that drop, and the excreta inside them that gets released from cutting apart their organs is mixed in with the meat, and people eat that as well.


    Fossil Fuel troubles:

    -Pursuit of fossil fuels causes humans to destroy environments to get to the fuel.

    -Humans are careless and spill petroleum and all of its horrors out into the living world multiple times; for example, the recent BP fiasco.

    -The way that we use fossil fuels, the machinery that those fuels are used for, are extremely toxic to the air and atmosphere.


    I think that both are equal evils, but it’s what we do about them that means everything to future generations and the way that our descendants will inherit the planet, and if it will be livable or not in that future. 

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