What is the worst thing for the environment about the Holiday season?



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    It’s hard to separate the aspects of the holiday season from each other in terms of how bad they are for the environment. My guess is that the worst thing is the waste. Not only are there thousands of unwanted presents that get thrown out (whether it’s right away or years later), but there’s all the packaging that comes with them, as well as bags by the million and countless yards of wrapping paper.

    The second worst thing might be transportation, both of presents and of people on their way to visit family or friends. It must require a lot of fuel.

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    I think cards can top the list along with those things mentioned above.  While they are sweet and well intentioned, it uses a lot of paper and a lot of people could care less about them.  A better alternative is e-greetings you can customize, so the person knows you spent time thinking of them.

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