What is the worst thing that can happen if we do nothing about the current climate situation?



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    One of the worst effects of climate change on human health is an increase in mortalities, injuries, and sicknesses. This would be caused by the increased spread of disease, heat waves, floods, landslides, food shortages, drought, tropical cyclones, and sea levels rising.

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    Well this is kind of an opinion question because of how theoretical it is. We don’t know exactly whats going to happen or what probabilities to assign to each outcome. Alarmists like to leap to the least likely scenario to get everyones blood pumping. Below are a few hypothesis that are pretty subjective. Meaning some people give stats that say the are completely false and some people will give statistics or model extrapolations to show how they are true. Read the website in the citation for a full description of why this blogger thinks them to be spurious.

    Here is a list of the top 10 worst warming predictions: (disproven for the most part)
    1. Major cities and population centers die of thirst.
    2. The worlds Reef ecosystems completely vanish.
    3. The North Pole will disappear by melting.
    4. Hurricanes suddenly become common place. This is a fear preached by the Inconvenient Truth proponents.
    5. Giant Hailstones will break through our structures
    6. Skiing will become obsolete as a sport. There will be no regions with enough snow to support it.
    7. Perth will bake dry.
    8. Islands will all be consumed by the rising sea levels.
    9. Briain will become extremely warm.
    10. We all will be miserably hot.

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