What is the worst pesticide we use today?



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    One of the worst pesticides that I can think of is DDT. DDT is not legal to use in the United States, but can still be used in other places that we import our food from. DDT bioaccumulates in animals and threatens the life of their young. It makes the eggs of animals more fragile. The DDT is stored in the fatty tissues of animals and not metabolized. DDT can be used in extreme cases such as a malaria outbreak, but should be saved for something that serious.

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    Some of the worst pesticides used are those which are un-regulated.  Primarily those used in the organic industry under the label of “natural” pesticides.  Simply because the occur in nature doesn’t make them safe.  Allowed dangerous pesticides, many with links to cancer, parkinsons disease and other serious illnesses, include: Rotenone and Pyrethrum. 

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