what is the worst part of over populating an area?



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    Historically, there has been one constant consequence of human over population; high mortality rates. As the population of a certain area reaches its carrying capacity (K), the resources, primarily food, begin to be stretched thin. Throughout history, when civilizations reach this point, they will see higher mortality rates due to starvation, disease, plague, famine, war, etc. In a global economy like we have today, we can import food, so there is no great need to grow food domestically, but it is interesting that we could be leaving ourselves open to problems later on.

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    There are many negative things that go along with overpopulating an area. I have a difficult time choosing which is the worst when looking at the issues of starvation; rapid spread of disease; development of slums; and inability to meet the needs of clean water, clean air, and medical care.

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