What is the worst part of climate change?



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    I think that the worst part of climate change is that there is not a whole lot that we can do about it. Climate change is a natural process that we as humans have accelerated. Now that it is in the works, there is not a terrible amount of things that we can do to stop it. We can treat the symptoms but not the disease, and we have to accept that. 

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    As for the worst effect of climate change, I think it’s the escalation of severe weather patterns, such as storms, floods and droughts. These are particularly dangerous to humans. Flash floods and persistent droughts claim millions of lives and are likely to increase in frequency in a warming world. Flooding can also devastate infrastructure and lead to the spread of dangerous waterborne diseases-another scary effect.

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    I agree with both answers above. Climate change is a sensitive issue that has seemingly unlimited side effects. Scientists who study endangered species fear that variations in temperature could change habitat ranges for many animal species. This could result in invasive species outcompeting native species and disrupting sensitive ecosystems. As a result, an unknown amount of flora and fauna could be negatively impacted. 

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    The worst part of climate change, in my opinion, is the problems we’re leaving for future generations to clean up, which won’t fully be known until far after we’re gone. It’s how climate change effects people that is the real tragedy (even though the environment matters also, nature can heal itself given time.) Imagine being born into a world that is falling apart. What type of outlook would you have on life? What kind of a life is worth living that’s devoid of optimism or hope? We need to preserve the right for future generations to have enjoyable lives. That means sustainability needs to become the main priority to focus on in our lifetimes. Every decision we make, needs to be thought of in the context of sustaining the health of the environment for the future. We need to convince governments and corporations to work in the name of sustainability, and teach our children (hopefully fewer of them,) the importance of being stewards for the environment. 

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