What is the worst part about video games for the environment?



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    Either the fact that an immense amount of raw materials need to be mined, manufactured, shipped and put together, then shipped again, (so the process of making them) or the fact that while people are indoors, they are not doing anything productive to the environment! Conversely, they are not outside driving either ;).

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    Not only does the production of video games contribute to the amount green house gases in the atmosphere, it takes time away from education. Each hour of playing video games takes time away from learning, teaching, and being involved in the world around us, specifically, the immediate community and family unit. The more we learn (together), the more we can make a difference in the world.

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    Now days, something that is even considered a selling-point for some games is a design feature in the game called “destructible environments” and the name itself is pretty self explanatory. The idea is that everything in the game, from the buildings, to the birds in the sky, and even the trees in the landscape are capable of being destroyed or blown up by some means. Kids are being presented with an idea that it is “fun” to knock over trees with cars or burn down bushes with flame throwers, so it is important for them to know that just like how the violence in games targeted at people is not acceptable in real life, neither is violence toward the environment.

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