What is the worst nuclear disaster in North America?



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    Generally, people seem to agree that the incident at Three Mile Island was the worst nuclear accident in North America (and specifically the U.S.). Three Mile Island was an island near Pennsylvania with a Nuclear Power Plant on it. The plant had two reactors, Unit 1 and Unit 2, the latter of which experienced a meltdown in March 1979 causing nuclear disaster. 

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    I found a couple of different sources that also say that Three Mile Island was the worst accident, but depending on what factors you take into account, an accident in California may have been worse. The 1959 accident at the Santa Susanna Field Laboratory in Ventura, California has also been called the worst nuclear disaster in America. It actually emitted 459 times the radiation emitted by the Three Mile Island incident, and the site had yet to be cleaned up by 2009 when the article I cited was written.

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    Three Mile Island is considered the worst nuclear accident in United States history.  However, another interesting statistic is the state with the most nuclear waste; that honor goes to the state of Illinois, which has more power plants than any other state.  It’s estimated that Illinois has more than 7,500 metric tons of nuclear waste in need of disposal. 

    This waste poses the threat of a nuclear disaster far worse than Three Mile Island.  Though this is a theoretical accident, the risk is very real and will continue to be a risk for hundreds of thousands of years to come.

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