What is the worst material used in cookware?



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    There are a number of materials in cookware that can be harmful to one’s health. Nonstick cookware, if heated to 500 degrees F can emit noxious fumes that can be harmful to a human’s health. Aluminum enrichment in food is also deleterious to health. Flexible plastic can be reactive and harmful so beware of storing food in plastic containers that once contained chemicals. When choosing cookware and storage for your kitchen, try and choose the least reactive materials.

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    The specific problem with nonstick cookware is with Perflurooctanoic Acid (PFOA)–which is said to be the chemical most often found in our bloodstreams. It has been linked to many of the major diseases. This chemical, it should be noted, is found in more than just cookware–other sources include: waterproof fabrics, take out containers, microwave popcorn bags, “stain resistant” carpets, and many more.

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