What is the worst global warming myth?



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    I would say that the worst global warming myth is that it doesn’t exist! This is a pretty detrimental myth for the environmental movement, because unfortunately, many people believe it. Global-warming-denialists have no problem saying that there is no global warming happening, and will even go so far as to say it’s a scam made up by the government or companies to get more taxes and money out of people. A lot of people buy these myths though, and that’s what the really bad part of them is.

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    Another myth I cannot stand is when people say that because we had a winter with lots of snow here in the Northeast, then global warming must not be so bad. Scientists have said that global warming could cause an increase in intensity of winter storms, but people tend to forget that when there is lots of cold snow around.

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      Completely agree with you on this one. I can’t stand it because its not like they believe us when we say “man these 100 degree summers sure do stink global warming is really bad” Then all of a sudden we have one bad storm and everyone says “see we told you global warming isn’t real”. It really gets to me sometimes.

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    I think when people said “I never seen so much rain at this time of year”

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    The worst global warming myth is the belief that global warming itself is a myth.  Global warming, or climate change, is real, and the fact that fewer people today believe in it than in 2008 is a sad commentary on all of us.

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    The worst Global Warming myth is (an extension of Simba’s response) that global warming means warming temperatures.  The ice cold glaciers and melting into warmer waters, which change the usual temperature and disrupt the gyres that regulate weather patterns.  Global Warming is beyond warming trends and includes colder spells, and more severe storms.

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