What is the worst form of exercise for the environment?



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    I wouldn’t say this is the most harmful form of exercise but going to the gym can be considered harmful to the environment in some ways. In the process of driving to the gym, carbon dioxide is created and released into the atmosphere. Considering how much people go the gym everyday, something as simple as this can affect the whole global warming phenomenon. When you get to the gym, we see a ton of machines working round the clock (especially in 24 hour gyms). Not only this, massive amounts of water are wasted when they wash and dry the free use towels that they provide to their patrons. Also, workout clothes require a ton of chemicals to produce. Lastly, the most common thing we find at gyms are plastic water bottles. “These are extremely harmful to the environment as 1.5 million barrels of oil is needed to create them. Worse still, is that Americans buy nearly 34.6 billion plastic water bottles each year, of which 80% end up in a landfill. When you consider that during the purification process, two gallons of water are wasted for every one gallon of water that actually ends up inside the water bottle, you can understand why buying and using disposable plastic water bottles is so deadly to our environment.”

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    I would guess any form of exercise that requires a vehicle or anything that consumes large amounts of energy. For example water skiing and tubing are not traditional exercises, but they are a form of exercise that consume large amounts of fuel.

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    Swimming is a full body exercise yet it is very low impact and low stress for joints and bones.

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    Driving your car to an air-conditioned gym and running on a treadmill. I am not sure how much damage this particular exercise regimen has on the environment, but it doesn’t make sense ecologically. One can accomplish the same amount of exercise with other methods without causing so much environmental damage, like running outside, cleaning the house, hiking, shopping. 

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