What is the worst environmental disaster to happen in China?



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    In terms of environmental disaster, my opinion is that the Three Gorges Dam is the worst. Not only did the dam displace over 1.3 million people, there are thousands of species of fish, mammals, and birds that rely on the Yangtze River will lose their habitat and thousands of archaeological sites will be covered in water. Also, as a result of the dam, upstream water has been reportedly more polluted as the flows have decreased due to the dam. Feeder streams have also been reported to have more algae than prior to the dam. Erosion is a big issue surrounding the dam. “Regular geological disasters are a severe threat to the lives of residents around the dam,” Huang Xuebin, an engineer has stated. While there are benefits to the dam such as “clean” energy, dams still change the river hydrology and leave lasting impacts that will alter the ecosystem forever. 

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