What is the worst consequence of global warming?



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    This is of course a subjective question because it depends on what parts of our planet and society are most important to you.  There are certainly many candidates for the worst casualty of global warming, from entire island nations that stand to be submerged by rising sea levels, to vast segments of the world population that will find themselves without access to fresh water if mountain glaciers continue to melt.  However, the most irreparable consequence of global warming would probably be the loss of thousands or millions of plant and animals species.  As climates change around the world, many species will not be able to adapt to new conditions fast enough, and will go extinct.  In order to prevent a mass extinction on the scale of the disaster which wiped out the dinosaurs, we must begin drastically reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.  Once a species is gone it can never be replaced; so perhaps that makes species extinction global warming’s worst casualty.

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