What is the worst chemical that computers are made from?



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    Used computers contain lead, PVC, chromium, mercury, beryllium and cadmium.

    Lead is a neurotoxin which also harms the kidneys and reproductive system. The burning of PVC coated wires to obtain valuable copper wires produces highly toxic dioxins. Inhaling the hexavalent form of chromium can damage liver and kidneys, it can also increase the risk of lung cancer. Mercury is linked to brain and kidney damage and can harm developing fetuses. Beryllium dust causes lung disease and long term exposure to cadmium damages kidneys and bones.

    I would say either mercury or lead.

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    There is no “worst” chemical, since as djstam points out, there are widely ranging variable effects of the components in computers. The same is true of cars, refrigerators, houses, grocery stores, and pencils. “Worst” is entirely subjective and depends on what you mean to apply the chemical to.

    In an intact, properly functioning and properly used computer, there are no chemicals that do “bad” things to you.

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