What is the worst chemical that comes from coal power plants?



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    It’s hard to say which is the “worst” of the chemicals that come from coal power plants. Some pollutants emitted from them include arsenic, lead, dioxin, acid gases and mercury. All of these pollutants cause varying diseases like cancer and even death. 

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    The largest emission that comes from coal power plants, which are the single largest source of air pollution in the U.S., is carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is the most significant human cause of global warming, and each coal power plant emits 3,700,000 tons of it on average each year. From what I have read, air pollution is currently one of the biggest sources of concern with fossil fuel pollution, and since CO2 is the biggest cause and the most abundant emission from coal power, I think it’s arguable to say that it is one of the worst things about these power plants.

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