What is the worst case scenario with global warming?



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    Unfortunately, it would seem that  a worst-case scenario is becoming quite imminent. A report commissioned by the Pentagon very clearly laid out the worst-case scenario that we could very well be facing. Basically, this report painted a terrifying picture of the world by 2020, in which there are massive droughts in China, European climates have adjusted to be much colder and “Siberia-like,” massive crop deficits will be observed as soil loss and climates shift further, etc. Essentially, most countries will be facing very unstable climates, which will lead to many problems including widespread warfare over resources and needs (potentially nuclear warfare.)

    On the non-human side of things, enormous amounts of biodiversity will be lost. CLimate change is happening at a faster rate than normal evolution, and unadapted species will die out. If things continue the way they do, 15-35% of plant and animal species are destined to be extinct by 2050.

    Pretty scary stuff.

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    worst case scenario is that we all die because the planet becomes unlivable. Obviously we would have to REALLY do some bad stuff for that, but it is a possibility. 

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