What is the worst non native species in America?



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    There are many destructive invasive species to choose from, but I believe that the most destructive non-native animal in the United States is the feral pig (Sus Scrofa), while the most destructive plant is the water hyacinth (Eicchornia crassipes). Both appear on the Global Invasive Species Database Top 100 Invasive Species list.

    In the US, the feral pig (originally from Europe or Asia) has caused extensive ecological and agricultural damage by rooting large areas of woodland as well as cropland, has been known to spread disease as well as to reduce native plants. The water hyacinth from South America is one of the fastest growing plants and can quickly cover entire lakes or ponds, blocking sunlight and creating hypoxic conditions. This species can also block water ways and become a breeding ground for disease-carrying mosquitos. Both species are difficult to control.

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