What is the world’s largest rock?



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         The world’s largest rock is Mt. Augustus, in Western Australia. Known as Burringurrah to the local Wadjari Aboriginal People, the rock is 717 meters (2352 feet) high and covers an area of 4,795 hectares (11,898  acres). This makes in twice the size of Uluru (Ayers Rock), which is commonly thought of as the world’s largest rock. 

    Mt. Augustus

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    The worlds largest rock is reported to be Mt Augustus in Western Australia. Mt Augustus covers an area of some 4800 hectares and is two and a half times larger than Uluru (which is commonly mistaken as the largest- also located in Australia). Mt Augustus (in 2004) was reported to be 858 meters above the surrounding plain (the length of 9 football fields!) and 1105 meters above sea level (the length of football 12 fields!!). Its central ridge is almost eight kilometers (roughly 5 miles) long.

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