What is the worlds largest ocean..



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    According to worldatlas.com, the largest ocean in the world is the Pacific Ocean with covering 155,557,000 square kilometers. The surface area of planet Earth is 510,066,000 square kilometers.

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    The largest ocean on earth is the Pacific Ocean. At around 60 million square miles in size it is larger than the Atlantic and Indian Oceans (which rank second and third respectively). The Pacific Ocean accounts for more mass than all the land mass found on earth. It is also very deep and averages almost three miles deep throughout the whole body of water. 

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    Both shebola100 and codyurb are correct. Interestingly enough, the Atlantic Ocean grows wider by one inch each year and the Pacific Ocean shrinks by an inch because of the movement of the earth’s surface. The Pacific Ocean is also the deepest ocean, with depths up to 14,00 feet. 

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